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Irrigation System 
Design & Installation

Whether you need to irrigate your yard, your storefront, or an entire commercial complex, we can design and install an irrigation system to meet your needs. We proudly use Hunter, Toro, WeatherMatic and RainBird  irrigation systems and are happy to assist you in deciding which system is right for your property.
We have installed many systems from manually operated to fully automated. We regularly maintain and service systems throughout the season.
Every system we install includes: 

Premium parts
Top quality pipe, fittings and back-flow preventer
Optional rain sensor
Trouble-free, automated irrigation control unit
Manufacturer warranty on all components
Maintenance / Service Calls

Whether you need assistance with spring start up, or you come home to a flooded backyard, we can solve your maintenance problems. Our irrigation crew will make a service call  to your property and get your system up and running as quickly as possible. We have parts in stock for Hunter , RainBird , WeatherMatic and Toro  irrigation systems.


Here in the Northwest proper winterization of your irrigation system is essential in order to prevent pipes and sprinkler heads from freezing and breaking. If you are a current irrigation customer we remind you to schedule your winterization appointment. We are happy to accept new customers who would like us to perform this service.
​Proper maintenance is an essential part of your irrigation investment. We offer monthly maintenance checks and seasonal maintenance on all brands. Our irrigation team is trained to repair and update existing systems to meet your changing needs. Our services include:

Monthly Check : full system run through and adjustment as needed.
Reprogramming : adjustment of watering schedules for the most benefit with the least amount of water used.
Seasonal Start-up : full system inspection and adjustment including heads and controller.
Winterizing : a crucial task in preventing costly damages to the system during cold winter months.s.

Sprinkler System Maintenance & Repairs
Sprinkler Blow-outs